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What Sharon Did Last Week (19th - 23rd December 2011)

January 12, 2012 12:26 PM


Sharon took her usual 08:00 Eurostar to Brussels.

At 12:00, Sharon attended a trialogue on the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR). After, at 14:00, Sharon went to a shadows' meeting to discuss the resolution on Eurobonds.

At 15:00, Sharon chaired a session of the ECON Committee. Which included discussing ESA 2010 as well as a Monetary dialogue with the ECB President Mario Draghi. Afterwards, Sharon attended the ECON Christmas party before meeting with Guy Verhofstadt, President of the ALDE Group at 20:00, to brainstorm ideas on the treaty change.


At 09:00, Sharon took to the Chair for a session of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. During this session, the Polish Minister of Finance and President of ECOFIN, Jacek Rostowski, came before the committee for an exchange of views.

Following the conclusion of the ECON Committee session, Sharon travelled to the Members' restaurant in the European Parliament for a private lunch with Mr Rostowski.

At 14:00, Sharon attended a meeting of ADLE ECON members to discuss ALDE positions on a resolution on the feasibility of introducing Stability Bonds, and an opinion on a corporate governance framework for European companies.

At 15:00, Sharon again took the Chair in the ECON Committee where votes on the two matters above took place. Following the session, Sharon met with the Constitutional Affairs Committee to discuss the draft International Agreement on a Reinforced Economic Union.


Sharon arrived in her office at 11.00 to sort through the last pieces of work before the Parliament closed for the Christmas break.

At 13:00, Sharon took the Eurostar back to London.

Thursday and Friday

Sharon spent Thursday and Friday working from her constituency office.